Hey, it’s me,

Though it took so long, I hope it’s not too late,

Finally, I guess it’s good news to me,

But what about the others,

Who in my ten words, nine are negative,

Ni kinoma, coz nikama Kawaida,

Fond to judge and criticize,

And know what I was planning to say.

Haiwahusu nikilala njaa,

But can serve justice when I steal.

It’s damn crazy,

What’s justice?

Na Ile kizungu yangu kiasi,

Though ilipita kwetu ka sijadaka enough,

Or maybe I was absent in class,

And I may have heard a different thing.

What I know, am ashamed to share,

Kinaya na ninayo Yaona.

My plea,

Maybe to judge and criticize is your full time job,

But try to understand that that was my only option,

Try and be in my shoes, you’ll know better,

Hiyo Kidogo ya text, can calm my complaining stomach,

I may not have a voice, but choose art,

I can make a sound, that takes alot in me,

If you never hear the sound, just know am no more,

But hope my art, would have gone viral,

And have passed my message.

A message that I’m just like you,

I just can’t hide my flaws,

That I can’t even express myself,

I don’t have a voice anymore,

Because it was taken from me.

#Vira writes.

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