The love of my life. One statement I swore never to use on a guy again. Never again. Am in so much pain even as I say this. One thing I have learnt is that love is a big risk. Talk of investing millions into something without the assurance of getting it back. Well, that’s the same with love. It’s possible to love someone and it’s not going to be reciprocated. It’s okay. It happens anyway.
He showed up on my doorway dressed all black. He was so sad and I knew he wasn’t an actor. He said he didn’t know where else to go. He said he knew I wouldn’t say no. It’s not the first time that had happened. I would be lying if I said there was no attraction. I let him in and he sat on my bed next to me. He looked me in the eye as he took my glass from my hand. Our eyes locked and I felt so strange. I knew something had happened. I was sure this was what they called love at first sight?? I didn’t understand. I wasn’t even sure.
Five months down the line and our love didn’t fade. We tried for sure. We tried everything to keep it solid. I never thought we’d ever have to part. It was unimaginable, I didn’t know it was going to be like this in the end. I didn’t understand why good things have to die. I loved him but it had to be like that.we had to say goodbye because he couldn’t stay.
Am sure y’all are wondering how we parted. It was actually because he found somebody else. Someone who did things better I guess. Someone who won’t be as clingy. It’s true caring too much sometimes is wrong. I don’t know if it’s sometimes or it’s just always, because I loved that guy so much I was willing to lose everything for him. Look like a fool, a loser. I’d smile when he did and cry if he did. I was willing to go down for him. He still chose somebody else though.
This kind of situation has happened to so many. That’s why we are living in a world full of damaged souls. We’re all smiles but deep down we know it’s different. We have a generation that has stopped believing in love. We have stopped chasing love we want money. It’s sad but that’s just how it is. We heal with the damage I guess.

15 Replies to “Better leave”

  1. Congratulations my friend, this is More than just a mere story, it’s the reality to many people. The words speaks for themselves and any intelligent person who have gone through this kind of situation must have something to say… Big up Joy… Keep it on

  2. True life experience expressed in benevolent words. Countless linger in that same spot of life at least you are audacious enough to brighten it to the World. Congrats Darling

  3. I did know you could play with words in such a tactical way. I love the plot your choice of words since it gives your story a life of its own .. keep doing what you do best

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