The grave.
It’s such a small thing,
One can’t tell the space it occupies,
But to me the grave is such a vast hole,
It eats someone physically and emotionally,
In my culture it’s called a rich thing,
It consumes anyone either a human being or an animal,
Eats up even the most powerful beings in the world,
It has robbed as many stars,
Both family members and even friends,

As hollow as it is,
It leaves our hearts hollow too,
It leaves permanent scars in our hearts,
It takes away our happiness,
But we have to accept the sorrow that comes with it,
Takes a while for one to learn,
Living without someone,
The list is endless,
A grave is so rich, so big, so egocentric,
To rob us our loved ones and happiness

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  1. Dope piece Debby.Very definitive of what the grave takes from us to maintain its status especially during this pandemic.Keep up the good work.

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