Amanda’s eyes popped out on seeing this. Her box was wide open and everything was missing in her box. She started crying and throwing cursing words. Her cubemates started laughing at her claiming she was still a baby crying. ” So why are you actually crying, thank God the box is still good as new”. Ciara then came and comfronted her,”don’t worry I’ll help you my things to use for the meanwhile. Also I’ll ask the teacher to help you catch the thief ,,don’t cry if you cry the students will mock you. Okay now go back to sleep since you form ones don’t go to class untill your teaching begins.” Ciara was kind. Amanda felt horrible she even began cursing the school. Sleep didn’t come as two things were to happen that day ,one was that she was going to receive her sister and second she was to tell her parents that all her stuff had been stollen.The bell for porridge rang and she woke up slowly,, little did she know that the porridge usually finishes. She dragged herself to the dining hall and found a long line of students waiting to be served. She just followed the line and unfortunately before it reached her the porridge was over. Indeed this was a really bad day for her. As form ones did in every school they were not rushed to class since their learning had not yet began. So Amanda prepared herself in the dormitory and used Ciaras thing because Ciara had left her the key. There were other form ones in the dining hall who had alot of stuff and this made her hate herself.As she went to class she wasn’t observing the ‘movement by running’ rule. So the teacher on duty called her and gave her 6strokes of cane for the indiscipline behaviour. Later in the day her sister arrived and she was really happy. She imagined all the fun she was going to have with her sister in school. Her sisters name was Joy. It was later in the evening where she met a girl who was famously known as Melissa who was a criminal in the school. Melissa made her a deal ” hey there Amanda I have seen the way you are suffering and going through alot and I’d love to help you. Meet me at 11 thirty behind the toilets and I’ll help you. Don’t come with anyone come alone” Amanda was confused but she saw hope. At eleven thirty she went where she was told and met Melissa with other girls.They had syringes rolls of what she assumed was bhang, powder like tablets. Melissa made her sit and gave her a roll of bhang. Amanda knew the effect of bhang and so she refused claiming she was a Christian and it was bad doing bad things. “Hahaha so you are a Christian,,what has God done for don’t you see how you are suffering, join us and you’ll get all the desires you want.” Melissa spoke this as she was lighting the roll. Amanda decided to just have one puff only and never to taste it. She took the roll and the girls smiled. She then took a puff. This had an immediate effect on her as she started feeling high. She felt like a queen on a high kingdom. She even started praising herself and laughing alone. She asked for more puffs and this made her feel very streds free and felt power in her. The girls even took another step and put some liquid like substance on the syringe then injected her. She didn’t even feel the pain in the needle. After all this Melissa knew there was no way she was ever going to resist another puff. She even began muttering all of her secrets making the girls to have excuses to make her accept. Melissa then spoke to the girls in a bit low tone ” do you think it’s time to bring her,,,I’m sure in this state she’ll accept everything.” Then one of the girls answered “yes this time is better it will also make her not to refuse anything we tell her lets bring her in”. They carried Amanda and jumped over the school fence. After walking for several hours they reached a door. Little did Amanda know that these girls were from the satanic society….. Episode 3 coming next…… Read part 1 here

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