Papa Bear.
A little angel came to the world,
As innocent as I was,
Got introduced to mama, papa and my siblings,
But the chemistry between papa and I stood out,
The love, so real,
Despite the logic of papa and daughter love being natural,
Mine became so unique,
I call him papa bear,

The feeling so mutual,
Love brew up so well,
The chemistry so strong,
Each morning came along with hugs,
Encouraging words, all the love,
This is from papa,

All this just lasted for a while,
I never saw it coming,
That this love will one day shrink
Like the roses,
In the morning they shine,
Come dusk, they have shrunk,
The mutual love to me, turned into good memories,
Papa bear.

One evening came the bad news,
Papa was ailing,
Mama did her best to have papa bear treated,
But in a span of three days, papa said bye,
The sad news deemed like a dream to me,
Reality slapped me so hard in the face,
When I saw his body lying,
Selfless, helpless in the brown casket,
The days became so long, cold nights,
No hugs, no morning inspiration quotes,
After all this culture had to be honoured and papa laid to rest,
But if I was asked, I could prefer him not being buried,
Just to continue seeing him,

My mourning season prolonged for months and years,
Knowing I had lost my first love,
Mama’s tears rolled whenever she saw me crying,
This feeling was so devastating,
One day I said enough is enough,
I decided to pick up my broken pieces,
To move on and help my mama and siblings heal too,
I had to let it hurt, bleed, heal and let it go,
Am sure papa is watching over us,
Much love papa bear!

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