Amanda stood at the edge of a rock on a cliff in deep thoughts. The red rays of the setting sun blazing on her beautiful face. The view down the valley brightened up her thoughts. She was in deep thought on how life in her new school was going to be. It would be her first time in a boarding school. She was really excited on the new friends, new blankets new matress,in short everything was really new. She thought of all the new subjects. The sun set and darkness was now looming around the air. Cold was also filling the air. The thing that disturbed her more was the passion hate her brother had for her. She was deeply disturbed . What had she done that her brother hated her so much. She pulled herself up and began walking back home ready for the insults from her brother since her parents had not yet arrived from work. She just reached home and dirty dishes were there watching her. Her heartless brother standing there like a lost bull ordering her around to wash the dishes. She started washing and she couldn’t tell her parents anymore about her evil brothers deeds because everytime she tells them all they do or say is just “we’ll talk to him,,”and the next day she won’t have peace. She washed the dishes singing sorrowful songs. Questions on her head were just what had she done?. She was happy that as the following week she would be leaving for school at least she would be away from her miserable brother. She was eargerly waiting for it. Days moved on and it reached the day before she left for school. She prepared everything well and arranged them neatly in her box. The night was long really long. Finally the D-day reached and preapred her self. Though she knew she was going to be late her parents were in no hurry. Sometimes she wondered if this were were her real parents. At last they left for school. It was a bit far and not in their location. Her twin sister was not going to school that day but she was to join her the next day. They arrived at her new school. It was a really big school by the look of the gate. It wasn’t on an urban center but there was a small center nearby. They entered the principals office and were welcomed warmly. She was given a class,a locker and also a bed. Her dormitory was known as Ruakai. Even her parents didn’t help her carry her things inside the dormitory. They left immediately they got out of the principals office. A girl known as Ciara helped her arrange her things in the dormitory. Other form ones were being admitted also. It was around 10am in the morning and classes were still ongoing. So they immediately arranged all the things and went to class. She was in form 1west . There were also other students who were also new and they also started socializing. She met a friend whose name was Miriam. Miriam was a bit short and appeared to be clever. Amanda was eagerly waiting for her sister to arrive tomorrow so that she could have a company. She learnt alot from Miriam. Miriam was from a rich family. Her parents loved her alot and even bought her a pendant with their faces on it. Amanda wished such a life ,she wished to be loved to be cared of but if wishes were horses then beggers would ride on. Amanda also explained to her ,her side of the story. Miriam felt for her she even wished Amanda was her sister. When it reached lunch time the whole school left to the dining hall for their meal of maize and beans popularly known as “githeri”. She met Ciara and she warned her of thieves who broke into people’s boxes. After the end of lunch bell rang those who were late for class were given six strokes and this made a chill in her spine run. Since it was there first day they were not asked anything even because they had not started learning. They were even opened the television for them to watch. Supper time was the same. It was then after the evening preps when she met Ciara in the cubicle. They were cubemates. It was then that she told her the stories about thieves who broke into people’s boxes. They cheat people then later break into boxes and steal. Amanda had to be very careful with her things as she knew if they would get lost then her parents wouldn’t replace it for her. She kept thinking on how much fun she was going to have when her sister came the next day. She hoped they would be in the same class. After alot of thought she fell into sleep. She was horrified on what she saw in the morning… Read Part2 Here


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